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Diversity Management

Diversity is a growing phenomenon in companies and organizations. They must adjust their practices, deal with this phenomenon and deploy new methods. This is a challenge our team can help you meet.

Welcoming and training internationally educated nurses

This action research project conducted by IRIPI in collaboration with the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) had the general objective of developing diversity management tools, favouring the integration and retention of internationally educated nurses within the units of Montréal healthcare institutions.

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Analysis of the recruiting, integration and retention processes of Montréal companies employing immigrants of Maghrebian origin

The purpose of this study was to shed light on the means implemented by Montréal CMA companies in recruiting, integration and retention that would play a facilitating role for immigrant personnel of Maghrebian origin.

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Facilitating an inclusive union culture for occupational integration of immigrants

A central labour organization associated with IRIPI to conduct action research with the goal of documenting the existing actions of unions and the workers’ expectations, and to develop tools to support the interventions of union representatives with immigrant workers.

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Contextualized and participatory approach to corporate diversity management

This applied research project had the objective of meeting the needs of a Montréal company that wanted to have immigrant integration tools adapted to its work context.

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Analysis of programs supporting companies in the implementation of diversity management measures

The goal of this technical support project was to establish a program to support companies in cultural diversity management. To obtain a better understanding of the action logics of local and partnership support programs, CRE de Longueuil (the regional conference of elected officers) called on IRIPI.

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Guide to empowering SMEs

The Conseil emploi métropole (CEM) has called upon IRIPI to provide a practical, easy-to-use guide of best practices in the field of cross-cultural relationships for managers and human resource managers in small and medium-sized enterprises.

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