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Monica Schlobach

PdD in anthropology

Training and experience

Doctorate in anthropology, Monica has worked for over twenty years as a researcher and trainer in Brazil and Québec.

She has long research experience in anthropology and migration studies.

Since 2010, she has worked at IRIPI, where she designs and directs applied research and action research projects in collaboration with employability agencies and the business community.

Areas of expertise

  • Evaluation and acquisition of competencies by highly qualified immigrant professionals;
  • Transfer of competencies acquired abroad;
  • Development of intercultural tools usable by employability counsellors and SME employers;
  • Evaluation of programs with the aim of employment of highly qualified immigrant professionals.

Research lines

  • Intercultural intervention;
  • Employability of highly qualified professionals;
  • Recognition and transfer of competencies by employers, particularly SMEs;
  • Employers’ recruiting practices and obstacles experienced by new immigrants;
  • Diversity management initiatives in the work environment;
  • Migration routes of nurses and engineers trained outside Québec.


  • Develop research that combines intellectual rigour and social utility;
  • Highlight the contribution of immigrants to Québec’s development;
  • Produce an intercultural vision of intervention practice that removes the employment obstacles experienced by immigrants.

Stands out for

  • Her ability to connect analysis and intervention;
  • A willingness to develop innovative methods that account for the players’ experience;
  • A pedagogical concern, so that the research partners become active players in the analysis and the application of the results.

Recognized for

  • Her capacity for empathy and listening;
  • Her analytical mind and her ability to understand the advantages and disadvantages of possible solutions;
  • Her passion for new learning;
  • Her organizational skills, and her ability to manage and comply with deadlines;
  • Her concern for offering quality service.


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