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Habib El-Hage


Practitioner and researcher in the field of intercultural relations. Mr. Habib El-Hage holds a doctorate in sociology from UQAM. His interests focus on prevention, intervention and mediation practices in companies and public institutions. He is a Research Associate at the Center for Research on Immigration, Ethnicity and Citizenship (CRIEC) and a member of the Research and Action Team on Social Polarizations (RAPS). Mr. El-Hage has been involved in education for 19 years. He is a lecturer in the Master’s program in Intercultural Mediation at the University de Sherbrook. He has collaborated on several research projects on radicalization. He recently published the results of a study on the multiple barriers faced by LGBTQ racialized people in Montreal and a book on intercultural intervention in a college environment. In the Office of Public Consultation, Mr. El-Hage has worked as a commissioner on several public consultations.


His areas of expertise

  • Research in the field of intercultural intervention
  • Intercultural mediation
  • Intercultural animation
  • Mobilization and transfer of knowledge
  • Racism and discrimination

His lines of research

  • Multi-ethnic intervention models
  • Inclusive Pedagogy – Intercultural Component
  • Youth and gender identity
  • Managing diversity in business
  • Prevention in the educational environment

His vision

  • Democratize the understanding of intercultural relations
  • Put research at the service of practice
  • Consolidate synergies between the different actors in order to eliminate the barriers to the integration of people of immigrant background

Stands out by

  • Its ability to combine theory and practice
  • His knowledge of issues related to intercultural relations
  • His contribution to various networks related to immigration and intercultural relations.
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