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Scientific succession

Every year, acceptance of interns gives college and university students the opportunity to integrate into our team and participate in social research and innovation projects to supplement their program of studies.

Why do an internship at IRIPI?

As an intern, you will receive guidance from members of our team, which will facilitate:

  • The acquisition of practical competencies related to social research and innovation;
  • Your integration into the labour market;
  • Your understanding of the realities related to your field of studies;
  • The development of your contact network.

Who is eligible?

Our Institute is an attractive venue for quality training of the scientific and technical succession in a multitude of fields.

We first accept students from Collège de Maisonneuve, primarily in the following programs:

We are also a host environment for university students interested in questions related to integration of immigrants into Québec society or social innovation. They may come from a variety of disciplines, such as:

  • Sociology;
  • Anthropology;
  • Political Science;
  • Demography;
  • Geography;
  • Urban Studies;
  • etc.

For more information on our internship offers, contact us!

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